Trade the most profitable commodities including energies, metals and agricultures. Trading Network combines excellent prices and adaptable conditions to give you enormous trading opportunities.

Trading Network offers the proper environment to gain the right exposure to the world’s most popular commodities including precious metals all being able to trade through Trading Network Webtrader. Commodities are attractive to traders as they do not go for dramatic changes in supply and demand. 


How commodity market works?

Commodities cover a wide range of raw materials, including energy, agriculture and metals. Their value come from the market demand and supply for them. Supply is depended in the weather conditions in the case of agriculture and cost of mining and getting them out of the earth in the case of metals and energy. Demand is depended on wider conditions such as the cycle of the economy and the rate population growth. Commodities can substitute one another and can be traded as alone units. Metals and energies are traded against major currencies, agriculture are traded as stand-alone contracts.

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