Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It has a total daily transaction over $4 trillion per day, surpassing any exchange market. It is 24/5 available to trade.

Forex which stands for foreign exchange, trades one currency for another. Currencies come always in pairs and they are traded this way also, like EUR/USD (Euro vs. USD). Usually, it is predicted in advanced if one currency will fall or rise against the other, and the trade is done based on this prediction.


How Forex works?

Trading on Forex is the same as trading other assets, here you are buying or selling one currency for another. You do not own the currency; you will trade on the price. The key advantage of trading Forex over other assets is that currencies can be traded in relatively small lot sizes – 1000 units or one micro lot. Trading Forex with Trading Network will allow you use leverage up to 1:500, which will help you multiple your profits while investing smaller amount of capital.

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